ITER fusion magnet is built in Europe

ITER fusion magnet is built in Europe

The magnet, which is the first of 18 Toroidal Field (TF) coils that will operate at the ITER fusion research complex in Cadarache, France, is 14 metres high, 9 metres wide and weighs 110 tonnes, the same amount as a Boeing 747.

When in operation at ITER, the coils will be used to create a magnetic cage, designed to entrap the fusion fuel, which will reach temperatures of 150 million degrees Celsius.

In order to create this powerful magnetic field – with a strength of 11.8 Tesla – the coils will be powered by 68,000 A, according to Alessandro Bonito-Oliva, manager for magnets at Fusion for Energy (F4E), the EU organisation managing Europe’s contribution to ITER.

Our involvement with ITER has seen us provide many of our portfolio of services including graphic design, exhibition/display design, 3D modelling and CGI, however our biggest contribution was the underpinning consultancy then development, production and implementation of a 272 page Site Signage & Graphics Standards Document.

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